World*Peace - No*Compromise

Ready, for a world without war, a world without taxes, without crime and fear, free of corruption and greed, a world without poor, a world of opportunity and open doors. Ready for no hunger, no disease, everyone working at what they please, a world in which each one is free. Ready ?? - Ok, Peace is the Way*Forward, Let's*Roll . . .

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I'm a simple carpenter, after 20 years in the Alaskan Bush, i trust one*thing, Change is Inevitable. Check*Out my other blogs and please visit my web site.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Within the heart of humanity, rests the peace and love of truth, the spirit of all faith, each*one beats with unlimited potential, unlimited hope, unlimited dreams, each*one has the ability to reach for he,r star, to achieve he,r dreams, all that is required, is that we stand together, united in strength, committed to peaceful change, the countless snowflakes of life, the full spectrum of humanity, keeping peace in their hearts, offering L.O.V.E. to one and the other.

Project: World*Peace - No*Compromise


Despair not for the light of truth is upon you, as fear desperately grips the now fading shadows,

Warriors of love have risen upon the 13 strengths which support the world,

Shepherds of peace walk upon the sands of all time, bringing the new way from beneath the old,

The return of grace leads that which sees truth, the spirit of all faith, into the light of dawn,

Fear not for the death throes of conflict usher forth an age of compassion, the creation of truth, the reality of love,

Rising above this horizon of trust, the Divine*Promise comes to pass.

Bruce Larson*Moore
World*Peace - Profit
The 13-Establishments of Truth