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Friday, January 19, 2007

13 Minutes to Change

To each and every leader and individual who truly desires Peace on Earth.

i*am here today to humbly speak as a representative of Peace, with the hope that others who hear this message will also find the peace within their own heart to listen.

The entire world is now confronted with the opportunities to begin the creation of World*Peace in earnest, these opportunities are now abundant and looming very large on our collective horizon, as the worlds people begin to awaken to the truth of their shared connection and to the reality of its use and power.

There are many fine organizations and individuals working throughout the world on the myriad of issues which confront the stability of the planets social and environmental structure.

It is these social issues which are the true threat to humanity.

As individual leaders and groups continue to ignore the people in mass, and continue to degrade the social and environmental resource structure, the people and the planet herself will remove those leaders from power and take control of their own destiny.

The single largest global risk our world faces is the continued disconnect of the people from their representatives, despite technologies ability to connect the global community, it has failed to recognize its ability and responsibility to offer hope and a sense of direction to the very community it is connecting.

Revolution is the historical path of man, however there has always been a choice, to stand and struggle for absolute tradition, to violently demand and seize control, or to simply remove the (R) from Revolution and take the option which is reveled, Evolution of the gradual and intelligently designed change for the greater good.

Shifting the imbalance in expenditure of money, time, resource, and human potential both physically and mentally from the production of weapons and substances which harm the people and planet is of paramount immediacy.

Changing the use of these past ways is also of immediate importance to the survival of not only each individual citizen, but especially to the leaders which the people allow to lead them.

We are in the Age of 13 Minutes of change, in 13 minutes or less, the people are aware of the actions which will affect them, and in 13 minutes or less they will have made their decision on the course of action to be taken. And as our technology spreads and advances, so to will the speed and learning curve of this equation of change.

It is a leaders responsibility to at the very least keep in pace with the desire of the people and it is the peoples responsibility to insure their leaders are aware of those desires and that they are not overwhelmingly bias to or against any single group.

Never in human history have the leaders welcomed or solicited the global populations opinion or assistance in creating world peace, without the use or call for violent action.

Today is the day to change that reality, today is the day for the leaders to stand together and humbly ask the people to lead and help them in their efforts to end conflict in this world.

Many have and will call me a fool, but this is not about me*, those who point the accusing finger and cry fool, world peace can never be, that is the true threat to the peoples dream, that is the voice of FEAR screaming to be heard above the angels song of peace, fear is the enemy which continues to consume our children's potential.

Peace is The*Way Forward

The people have dreamed and manifested this for thousands of years and they see now that it is going to be their responsibility to create it, and their responsibility to hold leaders accountable for the integrity of their truth.

And so i*am here to humbly offer on behalf of Peace and all those who desire its creation to begin in earnest, to present the first collective baby step for the world to make . . .

So i offer the concept of the people and their leaders deciding together to commit their efforts to the creation of world peace and in doing so to create a global work of art, to display and mark this time as their collective change of direction forward toward world peace.

Project: World*Peace - No*Compromise

A global event is the single most likely solution to nudge this world into moving toward peace, there must be an effort by the leaders, a motion which demonstrates to the people that their leaders true desire is for peace, once this happens, it would become a point to move forward from, the key is that it must involve all the worlds people in a hands on creation of the notion and motion of peace, and be so benign that no one could oppose its creation.

An event that would span the globe, not rely on a single region or place for its creation and take several weeks or even months to completely accomplish, and could also be carried forward into the future, giving pause for each individual to consider their role in the creation of hostility.

The premise and platform for such an event is held every four years, its called the Summer Olympic Games, an in actual practice even your most barbaric predecessors, suspended all hostility to bring their champions home to participate, all that is required is to incorporate an event that would span the globe, reach into every heart, drawing out the peace within to be displayed as Peace on Earth.

The actual creation of such an event is really very simple, would cost next to nothing and as a side benefit could even create a global fund for world peace. To jump start the notion that peace is the way forward and that peace will*be, if only the people decide to work toward it. All that is slowing this from happening is the fact that the people are disconnected from their leaders, this event would strengthen and deepen that vital connection, and it is called: 12+13=Peace on Earth

A simple formula with which to create complex and far reaching result that could easily spring forth from the creation of this work representing the peoples HE(ART), giving each one a reason to trust that peace is their reality and then to pay it forward into being.

And so i*ask for 12 minutes of the worlds time to present this solution.

12+13=Peace on Earth

Perhaps 12 minutes of the worlds time is asking a great deal, but it seems to me that the cause, World*Peace might be worth their while.

Bruce Larson*Moore
We All are Saying - Build Peace Today


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